A little drawstring bag for a beautiful bride.

4 May

I knew I had been slack but didn’t realize it had been quite that long since my last post. I haven’t been doing much sewing but I do have a long list of things I want to do.

Keeping me busy was my beautiful baby sisters wedding two weeks ago. I promised to make her a little bag to carry her bits and pieces on the day and she picked the material. We bought panne velvet for both outside and lining. It was a nightmare to sew with. Even worse than minky!

My first attempt was a little drawstring bag, I started with two circles one of each colour. I then sewed the edge with right sides facing leaving a gap for turning. I then remembered I had been planning to put in a button hole for the drawstring, so I ended up with just one hole which wasn’t as low as intended. I cut a small circle from a milk bottle to make a base and sewed a single row of stitches to keep it in place. I was planning to top stitch the outer edge above the buttonhole and again under it for the ribbon to run through. But as I mentioned my buttonhole was higher than intended so I ended up only doing one row under the buttonhole. I ran ribbon through the hole, around and back out, cut to length and tied a knot.

Unfortunately the bag wouldn’t shut securely so I ended up making a different bag for her to use instead. I put it down to the thickness of the material – I think it would have been better suited to a cotton lining) and also not having ran the drawstring lower as I had originally planned. Oh well miss P loves her handbags at the moment so she will enjoy.

Edit – forgot to add photos of the bag. Here you go.




Busy Easter time

1 Apr

Wow, what a busy weekend with Easter. We’ve been busy visiting family and in between I’ve been sewing up a storm, and I managed a quick visit to spotlight in there too. 🙂

I finished the Big Brother shirt from the other day. Harder than I expected as the pieces were a little small for the appliqué stitch I normally use. After doing two letters I gave up and unpicked them and redid the letters using a straight stitch. I dropped it off yesterday and mum and dad liked it. Was very happy to hear that his favorite thing right now is ‘Rah Rah’ dinosaurs so the choice of a Dino on the front was great. Anyway, here’s the final product.


Miss P had a lovely Easter dress I finished a few weeks ago when we had an Easter catch up with friends that she wore on Sunday too. I love the page Prudent Baby for easy tutorials and this is using her Snappy Toddler Dress. I used a ready made trim from lincraft for around the bottom as it was a little short.


I made Miss P a bunny which she adored. I made a boy version for two friends boys a few weeks earlier and she kept pinching them. Here’s the boy.


And here is the girl for Miss P.


I used a free pattern from here which even included the pattern for the dress! They are super sweet, I had the white fleecy material and all other materials used already in my stash. She is much loved, as you can see here.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter. xo


Baby shower!!

23 Mar

Tomorrow we are going to a friends baby shower, and in true last minute style I just finished the gift. I did complete the first half earlier this week, a flower blanky with purple minky dot on one side and cotton on the other with pink ribbons. Very sweet.



Tonight I made a cute chuck rag, although chuck rag doesn’t seem like a nice enough name for this little beauty though so maybe burp cloth is nicer. I found the stripy material at spotlight some time ago on the clearance rack and intended to make bibs for Miss P but they never eventuated. It is kinda like toweling but very very thin. Perfect for cloths to use if you have a chucker like I did or for cleaning up after eating out. And they don’t take much space in the nappy bag.


I hope the recipients like them as much as I do. Oh and clearly we know it is for a baby girl. 🙂

Special shirt for a special friend

20 Mar

Tonight I’m working on an appliqué shirt for a friend. She’s just told us they’re expecting their second child so I’m doing a shirt for their older child to wear announcing he’s a big brother. It’s very exciting.

I bought this really cute dinosaur print at Spotlight the other day and it works perfectly. So far I’ve ironed heat and bond onto my material and cut out my letters and dinosaur. But then I realized I hadn’t pre washed my shirt, and given its lovely red colour that’s a possible issue so it’s going aside tonight and I will get back to it after washing my shirt. Can’t wait to share the final product.


Aside 19 Mar

Well I decided to start a blog. I want to be able to share my creations with the online community. I’m hoping to get some inspiration and motivation from sharing too.