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Busy Easter time

1 Apr

Wow, what a busy weekend with Easter. We’ve been busy visiting family and in between I’ve been sewing up a storm, and I managed a quick visit to spotlight in there too. 🙂

I finished the Big Brother shirt from the other day. Harder than I expected as the pieces were a little small for the appliqué stitch I normally use. After doing two letters I gave up and unpicked them and redid the letters using a straight stitch. I dropped it off yesterday and mum and dad liked it. Was very happy to hear that his favorite thing right now is ‘Rah Rah’ dinosaurs so the choice of a Dino on the front was great. Anyway, here’s the final product.


Miss P had a lovely Easter dress I finished a few weeks ago when we had an Easter catch up with friends that she wore on Sunday too. I love the page Prudent Baby for easy tutorials and this is using her Snappy Toddler Dress. I used a ready made trim from lincraft for around the bottom as it was a little short.


I made Miss P a bunny which she adored. I made a boy version for two friends boys a few weeks earlier and she kept pinching them. Here’s the boy.


And here is the girl for Miss P.


I used a free pattern from here which even included the pattern for the dress! They are super sweet, I had the white fleecy material and all other materials used already in my stash. She is much loved, as you can see here.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter. xo